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Where To Find Ladyboys in Thailand

      Without a doubt the easiest city in the world for meeting beautiful ladyboys. We have listed as many places here as we know about! And if it isn't here then it's not worth knowing about! If you are aware of any updates and changes that should be included then email and we'll add your contributions to help keep the Thai Where Page current.

In Nana Plaza the hours are generally from 7PM till around one in the morning but it changes every night and there doesn't seem to be a well enforced procedure for bar closing. But after the bars have closed the ladyboys all spill out into the streets where you can save yourself a bar fine and also find dozens of bars on sukhumvit selling cheap drinks. In fact these mini-bars on the street are open till day break and are a great way to while away the twilight hours.

The bars in Nana Plaza are expensive. A water costs the same as a beer! Bar fines are a high 600 baht. The bars are also crushingly noisy. Sometimes the ladyboys and the wait staff can be overly aggressive. It can be overwhelming for new visitors. But stick with it because it's ultimately rewarding. Below are some recent reviews of each of the bars available.

Nana Plaza Patpong Soi Cowboy

Second floor in Nana Plaza, on the left hand side towards the rear. Small ladyboy bar which has been there for years and still has the largest concentration of the amazon-like ladyboys that have made this place famous. Every night you can find between 20 and 30 shemales in this place; bar fine is 600 baht and they have short time rooms on the 3rd floor for 300 baht for 2 hours. The bar itself opens at about 6:30 and goes until 1AM. An institution in Bangkok ladyboy circles and a must-see on everyone's trip agenda. It has suffered from a bad reputation in the past but recently seems to be more customer friendly. The music here is not so noisy either, at least compared to the other bars in Nana Plaza. Many regulars have found their 'comfort zone' in this family style bar even if they aren't attracted to the type of ladyboys which are more commonly featured there.

Charades (Formerly Cascades)
Third floor in Nana Plaza, towards the rear corner on the right-hand side. Converted to a ladyboy bar in September 2003, this bizarrely designed and gaudy bar hosts well over 80 ladyboys. That's right, eighty beautiful ladyboys on any given night! Without a doubt this is the biggest ladyboy bar in the world and we highly recommend checking this place out. Bar fines are 700 baht with short time rooms a short walk away. Trippy decor and a bit loud but with so many ladyboys you may not care! Actually, it is so big that to see all the talent you have to do a bit of moving about. The waiters will hate you for it, but these aggressive scum bags aren't worth your spit anyway! Don't be told where to sit - have a good look around and pick somewhere spacious and comfortable, preferably away from the horrible disco but close to the air conditioner vents. Lots of new girls in this bar having just rolled into town from the farms. As with all the bars it's a good idea to check the IDs or have the hotel check them for you.

Chaos 9 (Formerly Guess Bar)
Just a little ways down Soi 4 past Nana Plaza and on the right hand side. This bar was very popular as Guess Bar. We hear there are less ladybnoys on staff than the previous bar. However we hope they maintained the relax lounge like atmostphere. This was always a good place to relax and play pool.

First (ground) floor, Nana Plaza, rear right hand side. Probably the absolute epicenter of the ladyboy universe. This is a Nana Plaza institution and is the 2nd-longest ladyboy running bar right after Casanova. A 'must see' place. Every night over 70 girls come out on to the small stage and some are very very hot indeed. Lots of the girls in here are the petite kind, not the amazon's you will see in Casanova or the taller girls that work in Cascades. Actually, it's a very good mix of talent so there's something in there for everyone. It's very popular with the Japanese guys and when they walk through the door you'll be lucky to get even a furtive glance or surreptitious wink. But don't worry - they usually don't stick around too long so you'll still have a chance! As of April 2009 this is the very best bars in terms of talent. There are plenty of the regulars there who have been around for so (too?) long but there are also about 40 to 50 brand new young ladyboys who will absolutely take your breath away.
(Get your hotel to check IDs if you are concerned with the age.)

2nd Floor, Nana Plaza, located next to the Fantasia bar. This bar opened in June of 2005. t's a long and slim bar which has a bit of a claustrophobic feel to it;. You will feel as though you are "right on top" of the dancers, literally! Made up of many of the free-lance girls who used to roam the outsides or Nana Plaza and girls who have left Charades or Obsessions, this place has been said to be a bit too aggressive as far as the girls are concerned. But just recently the talent here has been getting better and the atmosphere seems to be more friendly. It's still extremely noisy, though and the girls hanging around outside the bar dragging you in can be a bit tiresome or stressful depending on your disposition! But all in all it's a good fourth option when you have burned your bridges everywhere else!

Kings Castle 3
Patpong road, left-hand side halfway up the road, coming from the Silom road entrance. Another Bangkok institution which has been there for years, this place still has the most attractive ladyboys in all of Thailand, probably in the whole world. Between 30-40 ladyboys most nights in this wild place; bar fines are 500 baht and they have an attached short time room for another 400. Problem is that in this place you never know if your potential date has a dick or not. About half of the ladyboys in here are post-ops, and that has never changed since we have been going in there since 2001. We will keep you posted on any changes but for now get yourself down to "KC3" and see this local landmark. Not exactly our number 1 choice for ladyboy bars in Bangkok as there is a bit of a hard sell and the music is at least 5 times louder than it should be, but again this should be included in your trip plans at least one time if you are going to Thailand to meet ladyboys. You will see some amazing beauty in this place.

Kings Corner
Also on Patpong Road, about a 10 o'clock direction from when you walk out of Kings Castle 3. Or, coming from the Surawong side it would be about 100 meters down on your left, at the little alley that leads over to Foodland. There is a little soi next to it, and a large sign out front. This place is 100% post-op mixed in with genetic ladies, about a 50/50 split, and a massive number of girls work in this place; we have seen over 50 at one time on their large stage. If you like ladyboys who are already post-operative, this is the place for you; make sure you ask if your potential date is a female or a post-op, and rest assured no one with a dick still attached will be working in this place. Some of the most beautiful people of any gender that you could ever see work in here.

Soi Cee, Ratchada Road
This is a large selection of dance bars on Soi 4 Ratchada road; ask any Taxi driver, just get in and say "Soi Cee Ratchada". You will be dropped at a huge mecca for Thai teenagers and early 20-somethings, about 99% Thai and very few westerners. Mostly ladies available here, but always some ladyboys mixed in, many of them Cabaret workers from the Ratchada Cabaret or Golden Dome going out for fun after their shows. Beware; many of these are post-ops, always ask if that is not your thing. Great place and very fun, even if you don't meet ladyboys here you will have a good time; Thursdays through Saturday, 8PM till 1AM.

Hollywood Disco, Soi 6 Ratchada
Huge Disco, mostly genetic females in this place with the occasional ladyboy mixed in, usually in groups with their friends having fun and dancing, but can be picked up. Same as at Soi Cee, these girls are sometimes "nice girls", the kind that work in Cabaret's or go to university and don't work in the bars, although you will see a few of those also. A sure telltale sign that the girl you are interested in is indeed a ladyboy; she will be playing with her hair and stroking it every few seconds. We have swapped out RCA for these 2 places since our last Tourism update as the 2 best places to find ladyboys in a non-go-go bar setting in Bangkok. You could also try Khao San road, the hippy backpacker haven; lots of freelancers walk around there or go dancing at The Club or Suzy Wong's or Lava; we're not sure why.

Bali Seafood
Huge restaurant on soi 6 Retched road, about 200 meters down from the Soi Cee bars and on the same road that Hollywood Disco is on. Great place that doesn't even open until about 11PM and goes until 5 or 6AM, you can get food and beer here and do some serious people-watching; all the real girls and ladyboys who went to the bars flock here on weekends and there are also many of the Nana and Patpong girls and ladyboys, they come here to party after their shift is over. Outstanding place for night owls and insomniacs, try this place out from about 2AM to 5AM and have fun.

      Other assorted meeting places; Lumpini Park always has street-walking freelancers strolling around the outside fringes of it. The prices for these girls is pretty cheap, but beware pickpockets and the language barriers may be tough as many of these girls can't speak very good english; we have also heard reports that this place is rather dangerous so be careful if you choose this route; not recommended.

      Any traveler to Bangkok will know about Sukhumvit Road, which is also a street where ladyboy hookers have sold their trade for years. However, in recent years there has been a crackdown on hooking on this street, and it is harder and harder to meet ladyboys there now. If you are looking for ladyboys on Sukhumvit, start walking up and down between about soi 5 and Asok road at about 10PM until about 3AM and you are bound to see dozens. Remember, all freelance ladyboys have to be looked at with a bit of suspicion, they don't work in the bars sometime for good personal reasons but also could be because they were not allowed back in after doing something wrong. After 1AM this area is flooded with ladyboys from the Nana bar scene, eating and chatting with friends, but they will go home with you if asked.

      Outside Nana Plaza at 1AM is a gold mine for ladyboy lovers and just plain anyone who likes to have fun! This place is where it all happens; ladyboys and ladies getting off their shifts, and all the freelancers from Sukhumvit all converge on that little space between Nana Plaza and the Nana hotel; it is like Mardi Gras every night of the week. If you can't get laid here, you are just not trying hard enough.

      There is also a stretch of New Petchburi Road near the Amari hotel where there are about 20-30 hookers walking every night, some ladies and some ladyboys, and some post-ops. Hard to make out who is who on this wild stretch of road; be warned. This is a 1-mile stretch of road and again, we really don't recommend picking up anyone from the streets of Bangkok that are outside the tourist area's.

Worlds Hottest Ladyboys


They are everywhere! Everywhere you look in Pattaya there are ladyboys. Hundreds of the girly bars have at least one or two and there are many great bars that specialize in them. At the top of the page we said that Bangkok was the easiest place to meet ladyboys. That's true but for sheer numbers Pattaya is 'Ground Zero' when it comes to more bang for your buck! Once you have mastered the geography of this extremely naughty city then the world is your oyster and there's a pearl on every street corner. And not only are there P4P workers after your holiday bonus checks... there are the malls and small businesses, the massage parlors and markets.

So whether you want nice or nasty, tall or short, fat or slim, femboy or bolt on Barbarellas, then Pattaya is where to be. And add to that the prices then you'll be marching home with more money than you came with! Pattaya is also a lot less business minded too and a lot more fun than Bangkok.

So... where should you go? Well, you'll be tripping over them everywhere but here are a few places that we recommend...

La Bamba:
Owned and operated for the last couple of years by Alis and her farang chum, this is easily the friendliest bar for ladyboy lovers. About 15 to 20 ladyboys are out on soi 13/1 every night flaunting their stuff and making you feel welcome. This bar came about a couple of years ago as a result of the bar across the street running into difficulty with their strange and charismatic owner Franck. Now it's a cheap and friendly place to meet like minded friends or look for some ladyboy company.

Bob welcomes you to the longest running ladyboy Go Go in Pattaya. Every night about 30 or so scantily clad ladyboy babes revolve and rotate the poles in this small bar at the other end of the same street as La Bamba on 13/1. The short time rooms upstairs are a bit seedy but sometimes that's what we all come for, right? The club itself is a little run down these days and the bar staff have been rumored to be a bit pushy and rude. But the talent here is breathtaking... fabulous slutty ladyboys all for the price of a Latte and banana cake back home!

Lita Bar:
For you night owls and hard core LB admirers then take a walk down soi BJ off Walking Street. Lita is an institution in Pattaya and has had numerous bars over the years. And it's open till day break every night so get plenty of rest during the day if you want to make it the whole night! Just watching the in and out journeys of the short time room users is worth the price of a drink! Right near the Jasmine Hotel.

Obsessions/Kitten Club
This is a large Go Go complex that years ago had a major refurbishment. It is attached to the adult themed penthouse Hotel. This is a high end establishment, so expect quality and higher prices. Certainly in the past they have had some talented ladies and ladyboys working for them.

Pook Bar
Very friendly bar on soi 6 is opened from lunchtime and all day. The downstairs is for the ladyboys and upstairs features the regular girlies... (yearckkkk!) Good daytime meeting place and well priced drinks. Watch the ladyboys eat and get their war paint on in real natural light and sober... Yikes! Another bar which takes customer service a bit more seriously and well worth an afternoon of drinking and ogling! It's also a great place to perch if you want to get a good view of the crazy antics of the Hi Boss freaks as they antagonize the poor tourists walking up and down soi 6!

Pook Swan Bar
This is another Pook Bar location and is on Soi Bukaow. This is quite big place with the front part open to the street. You can see many of the Ladyboys dancing on the poles from the outside, so you have an opportunity to shop before you go in. Sitting here chatting up ladyboys is a good spot to see all the action on this busy Soi.

Central Walking Street The Avenue

Limmatquoi Bar
In Soi Diamond, halfway up the soi on your left heading up from Walking street. Usually 5 or 6 ladyboys hanging around out here so you will know you found the right place when you see that. Very dark in here; always about 15-20 girls working in this place, but we have noticed that the overall quality level has gone down in recent years. Worth checking out just to see it one time and if you survive the experience it's something to brag about to your kids!

Linda Bar
Walking street in Pattaya, about 50 meters up from the old Jenny Star and on the same side. I's Halloween every night here! This is an old Pattaya institution and it shows on the girls; we have never seen anyone in this bar even remotely worth taking home. Seems to be between 5 and 10 ladyboys per night working in here but they often look like drag queens. This is the only real bar left on walking street and a decent place to have a beer and watching the crowds go by. You may not find a ladyboy to take home here but you never know.

Hi Boss Bar
On soi 6, also called soi Yodsak, this is a great street lined with bars up and down both sides and a bit more than halfway down on the left side is the Hi-Boss 2000, owned by Chatchai. Spooky lounge-type set up with couches and even a dancing pole and hi-backed chairs situated around a long bar. They have some particularly nasty short time rooms right upstairs, you can take a girl up there for an extra 200 for 2 hours and have fun. Check this place out if going to Pattaya, for sure. This bar opens at around 2PM in the afternoon and goes until 1AM; after that the girls can be found hanging around police stations and /or illegal card games on third street!

Sally's Beer Bar
Run by a ladyboy and her British husband, this beer bar on soi 4 in Jomtien has between 7 and 10 ladyboys and 5 or 6 ladies working in there on a regular basis. Nice place, the owners play good music, and they have a friendly attitude. Good place to meet ladyboys to play pool with. The talent recently is a bit slow as the money makers stay in Pattaya, but it's still worth the 10 baht bus ride to Jomtiem for a cheap beer by the sea breeze in the afternoon.

Hema Cabaret A very friendly and surprisingly good quality FREE show happens thrice nightly here. It's on the corner of second road and soi 8. Extremely good value too. The beers are insanely cheap and the hostesses are great fun. It's a bit hot and humid but if you can weather the weather then plonk your butt down on a bar stool and enjoy the fantastic costumes and routines of an above average show.

Other Places to meet Ladyboys in Pattaya

Beach road
Anytime after 10PM will guarantee you the chance to meet ladyboys. And you'll probably be pickpocketed also and generally feel pretty nasty about the place. We would not vouch for the quality of these girls, and remember it is pretty dark down there. But if you are desperately short of cash, blind and desperate then Beach Road is for you! It has also been known to be dangerous down here and the police make frequent sweeps now. Our advice; find somewhere else in Pattaya to meet ladyboys.

Sunee Plaza
It's behind the VC hotel on Pattaya 2; Pretty much hit and miss really. This is a famous gay area and most of these bars are for gay boys, but some of the bars in here have some cute femboys working in them also. These fresh-in-from-the-country types are just being broken in at Pattaya and starting work here. Check ID cards on these little minxes to avoid problems. Kaos has young and cute ladyboys in transition but that place is always in flux. It's extremely expensive in the Go Go bars so my advice is to just pop your head around the corner first before you make the decision to stay inside. One good thing about all the bars here is that you won't get hassled by pushy wait staff or aggressive workers once you are inside and sat down. But at the end of the day there is nothing guaranteed about Sunee Plaza. You may get lucky and meet a gem every night or you may go for a week and strike out.

Tiffany Cabaret
The largest and best cabaret in Pattaya and home to some of the most lovely ladyboys in the Kingdom. The Miss Tiffany is a hit nationwide every year and features the cutest ladyboys in Thailand on the Tiffany stage. This place is on the 2nd road in Pattaya and is worth seeing their high-quality show at least once; but meeting with these girls is sometimes hit-or-miss. Like many cabaret girls, these girls are not very good with english and may appear stand-offish at times. But be friendly and cordial and don't just talk about sex and you may have a chance to take home one of these cutie's.

Alcazar Similar to the Tiffany Show above, this is another large show in Pattaya which features beautiful ladyboys from all over Thailand. Basically, whatever you see above for Tiffany applies here; if you like Cabaret shows this should be another one on your agenda. Same deal with the ladyboys also; you can take photos and chat up a few and maybe get lucky!

Phuket (or Shemale Island) is another option for serious ladyboy lovers. If the city of Bangkok is too busy and smoggy or you want beaches that Pattaya can't offer then there is Phuket.
And of course the biggest and best ladyboy bar in town is Cocktails & Dreams . has featured this bar and many of the models who work here over the years. Your host Jimbo will welcome you with open arms (for the price of a beer!) and introduce you to some of the finest Asian ladyboys on the planet. And if that's not enough he'll even show you around the rest of the island where there is a lot more talent around. We have mentioned just a few of the places to go in Phuket and if you can think of more then please let me know and I'll update this section....


Patong Beach

        Soi Bangla; The hub of all the action on the island of Phuket and the place you want to be in this wonderful island. Begin on Soi Bangla, which is the main strip that divides this beach resort down the center. There are always freelancers on this street between about 9PM and 2AM and you don't even have to look... they will find you!

      On the left-hand side coming up from the beach road is a large cluster of bars called the Soi Andaman Queen based on the large sign out front which you can not miss. This place is also called Soi Kathoey and Soi Crocodile. Just ask anyone and they will know where it is. It is all one big carnival of ladyboys, as on any given night you will see between 30 and 40 very beautiful ladyboys walking around looking for dates. A truly amazing place. There are also the occasional post-op mixed in here so always ask first, and once you walk towards the rest rooms in the rear it is all Lady-Only.

      At the end of the Soi, there is a small cabaret called the Andaman Queen, hence the name of the Soi. Some very beautiful ladyboys work in here and it is a great place to watch a very camp drag show. Some of the girls look awesome under all that makeup and this is where we discovered our very first model for AsianTS, Emmy. A bit further up Soi Bangla from the beach is the Tiger Disco complex, also on your left-hand side.

Royal Paradise Complex; This complex of hotels and bars and cabarets is the main gay area of Patong, but that doesn't mean you can not get laid here. On any given night there are 30-50 ladyboys strolling the grounds here, and indeed many of the ladyboys on Phuket live right in this very complex.

The Tangmo; a great place on the left-hand side as you go in the 'Entrance' side of the one-way Paradise complex. Large cabaret, nice place with nice decor, and usually 15 ladyboys or more putting on a good show here nightly. Friendly people and the manager Tak is very nice and will take care of you. This place is gay most of the time, and they have 2 shows with ladyboys in them; it is not a strictly ladyboy bar. Many many transitional ladyboys work here, young 18 and 19 year old ladyboys just in from the country and starting off on their journey into being ladyboys. If you like that style, you will like it here.

My Way
; Another gay disco like the Tangmo, across the street and down about 50 meters on the opposite side.this place is loaded with boys 75% of the time but for 2 shows per night they bring in the 10-15 ladyboys who put on a great show. Some real cute ladyboys work in here and they are all very approachable and nice.

Boat Bar ; Almost exclusively gay, this place nonetheless has some ladyboy shows once in a while. Great place if you are gay and have interest in boys, but kind of a dead zone for ladyboys. Same side as the My Way, on the corner and across from the Royal Paradise hotel. Very famous gay hang-out, known worldwide.

Simon Cabaret; On the road that leads towards Karon beach but only about 2 miles from Soi Bangla is the Simon Cabaret. Without a doubt some of the most beautiful ladyboys in all of Thailand work here and in their sister cabaret, the Simon Chiang Mai. This one is very popular with the tourists and employs about 40 beautiful ladyboys and post-op's. Beauties like Aoh and Amy and Ji all work here, and that is just a fraction of the talent here. Go there and watch the show and then chat up the girls outside; you will see they are all charming and lovely.

The Beach Road; This name speaks for itself and is obviously easy to find. Only one problem; many of the girls that work here have been banished from the Soi Bangla bars and are working here because they have no where else to go. Not ALL the girls of course, but some. With that said, you CAN find cute ladyboys on the beach road for sure. They hang around on both sides of the street between the KFC and Bangla between about 11PM and 3AM. Good prices down here; just be careful for your wallet. About 15-25 ladyboys walking this strip in the dry season.

Just in case you missed the count there, we just showed you an example of the places you can meet ladyboys and about how many are in each place; the total of this list was over 150 ladyboys! And we are being conservative; for a very small place, Phuket Island has a very large concentration of ladyboys! Follow this page, and check out all the updates we have devoted to this lovely island paradise inside the website. AsianTS fully endorses any trip you may be considering in taking to Phuket, it is a great place!

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Other places in Thailand

Chiang Mai

This is still one place that we have to explore more of; we know that Chiang Mai produces some of the most beautiful ladyboys in the world, but we still don't know where exactly to meet them in this gorgeous city because we have only been here a few times and there are no dedicated go-go bars or places to specifically meet ladyboys. For sure we would recommend the Simon Cabaret, which is the place where we found Dina, Ponlien, Gau and Yoh and so many other beauties that we have here. Just get into a tuk-tuk and tell the guy you want the Simon and he will know where to take you; it's kind of a cruise so don't try to walk it or find it yourself. When the show ends at the end of the night, the girls all gather around the exit of the cabaret and chat and take pics with the tourists; this is the time to go over and chat up these girls, and try to take one home. They are all extremely friendly and nice, and will chat with you no problems. Great place, 30 or more ladyboys working there, and all beauties.

There was also a small cabaret downtown that we found, near the water fountains and kitty corner with the last fountain in the long row that separates the main drag of the city. We found Note and Cee in this cabaret, which doubles as a boxing ring the other half of the time. Not a very nice place but you may get lucky and meet one or 2 cuties here; we also met Ae and Nan here.

We have also heard that there is a thriving ladyboy scene in the university crowd here, but it seems like that would be a tough nut to crack. Getting in friendly with these beautiful CM college kids would be heaven on earth if you could pull it off. Like many university campuses around Thailand, the one at CM has many future shemales going to school there.

Ponlien from the Simon also told us that there are many ladyboys in Tapar road but we never had the chance to go and check that out. Could be a good place because she says that many of her friends work down there. We have also seen huge groups of ladyboys walking around the downtown area's together late at night, about 20-30 of them inside the old walled city. Some of these girls are freelancers and are very young; be careful. Some others work in the cabaret's and are just looking for some spare cash. As usual, the girls that can be found here and actually anywhere in the Chiang Mai area are some of the most beautiful ladyboys in the entire world.

This is a place that we had an extensive visit to in late 2003 but that was the last time we have seen it, the scene could be much better now. From what we saw then, Chewang Beach is the place to be, and the Christy's Cabaret show has a ton of ladyboys hanging out before, during, and after the show. The scene on the main drag in front of this cabaret has about 20 ladyboys cruising the streets looking for dates, and many more inside. However, this was really the ONLY place we could find that has a large concentration of ladyboys. There was another smaller cabaret down the street not too far from Christy's, but we only saw 4 or 5 drag queens out there one night. There is also a smattering of ladyboys working in beer bars here and in Lamai, but good luck meeting them. You can also meet ladyboys after midnight in Chewang at the great Soi Mango strip of beer bars and discos, which for some reason never felt the pinch of the nationwide "morals" crackdown and can stay open until 3AM.

You CAN meet ladyboys in Koh Samui , and could even meet 6 or 7 different ones you would like to hold you through a week-long vacation. But all-in-all if you want to have a beach vacation combined with great nightlife, we would recommend that you stick with Phuket.

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